Cryptocurrency mining pool - what is it, who needs it and why

The expression "mining the crypt" has probably been heard at least once even by a person far from the world of cryptocurrencies. And what is a mining pool?

Mining is nothing more than obtaining cryptocurrencies using the computing power of users' computers. Of course, bitcoin and Ethereum are well-deserved pioneers and leaders of mining, but now many other very different coins are generated in this way. However, the popularity of mining and the involvement of a huge number of people in it could not but lead to problems - now single mining, even with the availability of the most powerful video cards, is becoming less and less effective. Realizing this, miners began to unite for more efficient work, and these associations received the names of pools.

Within each pool, tasks are distributed among the participants using a special server, which allows you to make the mining process as productive as possible. And this, in turn, increases earnings. Such specialized companies have the most powerful mining equipment, which they sell or rent out. That is, the participants of such a pool get the opportunity to mine using the most productive tools, which they themselves could hardly afford, and the company, in turn, receives a guaranteed profit from their work.

Examples of the most successful pools in the worldThe examples below will help to visually assess what pools are capable of today.


AntPool - was founded in China and has been operating for 9 years, since 2013. Today it is considered the largest in the world and concentrates about 18% of all cryptocurrency mining capacity, which is certainly very impressive.

F2Pool is another Chinese pool that breathes into the back of the leader and has a significant advantage specifically for our Russian miners - the ability to switch the interface to Russian.

Miningrigrentals is a large English-language pool for cloud mining of bitcoins with a convenient and intuitive interface.

Zpool is an American bitcoin mining pool with truly unique software.

The most suitable pool - how to choose?

A wide variety of pools makes choosing one of them quite difficult. The following are the key criteria, evaluating which you will be able to decide faster.

1. Mining equipment. This is extremely important, because in fact we are talking about a tool for your earnings, which determines the profitability of mining. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the same equipment manifests itself in completely different ways when mining different coins.

2. Profit distribution. Everyone comes to the pool to earn money, so it is worth paying special attention to the mechanisms and principles of profit distribution between participants.

3. The method of receiving payments. At the moment there are a great many of them, choose the one that suits you.

And of course it will be useful to look for reviews and communicate with experienced pool participants, since no one knows the inside of the job better than they do.

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