Can I trade futures on GRIN4? How to do it? Do I need a separate account or connection to the exchange?

The question is quite natural, because often on other futures trading platforms you need a separate account and, as a result, a separate payment. But in our case, all trading, both futures and spot, is conducted from a single account.

No additional registration is needed - you only register in the service once and connect the exchange only once. And even reconnecting the exchange to the service using API keys is also not required - everything is organized extremely simply, conveniently and with the constant desire to save your time.

Taking care of both beginners, who may find it difficult to understand the standard subtleties, and experienced investors who will be able to appreciate the degree of comfort of using the service. As for the additional payment for futures trading, it is also not provided – you pay a subscription or a fixed commission from the bot's income and that's all – you use the capabilities of our platform without restrictions and pitfalls.

The trading mode is selected inside the service and, if necessary, is changed by simply setting a check mark during the bot settings. Again, everything is simple and intuitive, you do not need to study the functionality for a long time and perform complex actions.

Therefore, if you are interested in futures trading, then we provide all the necessary opportunities for it and simplify it as much as possible from the technical side. However, it is worth remembering that this type of trading is more high-risk, and you alone are solely responsible for its results. Therefore, it is worth approaching it as carefully as possible, taking into account all the risks and with the possession of money management, that is, the ability to manage your money. In other words, there are no technical risks of working with futures through our platform, and you fully control all financial risks yourself.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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