Coalition for the Integrity of the CMIC Cryptocurrency Market - what is it, old participants and newcomers

The coalition for the Integrity of the CMIC cryptocurrency market is a fairly new phenomenon in the crypto world, which appeared only in February of this year. It's no secret that large-scale global upheavals have had a direct impact on the cryptocurrency market - its total collapse confirmed vulnerability to external political and economic threats.

CMIC has become a kind of response to the challenge of the crypto market - the organization has stated its goal to contribute to maintaining its integrity and efficiency, respecting the rights of its participants and maintaining high global interest in cryptocurrency and transactions with it. She also expressed a desire to establish effective cooperation with regulatory authorities.

Another important activity of CMIC is the development and organization of thematic trainings on ensuring the integrity and transparency of the digital asset market in order to assist regulatory compliance specialists in countering various kinds of manipulations. 

CMIC is the brainchild of Solidus Labs, whose task is to constantly monitor the crypto market and identify its current problems. Asaf Meir , co -founder and CEO of Solidus , outlined the following: "It is now more clear than ever that the potential of the cryptocurrency depends on the ability to reduce its new risks and ensure the provable integrity of the market." And in this statement, the main mission of CMIC is concluded - to preserve the crypto market, help it get through difficult times and get on the path of further sustainable development.

CMIC members - who else joined

On September 28, CMIC announced the acceptance of 8 more new participants. They were the digital asset trust management and security company BitGo, the cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex, the blockchain analytics platform Crystal Blockchain, fintech firms FinClusive and Oasis Pro Markets, the risk reduction platform Web3 Merkle Science, the digital asset platform Tokenomy and the provider of forensic services VAF Compliance.

The original founders of the coalition were 17 companies, including Coinbase, Circle, Huobi Tech and CryptoUK. Another 13 participants joined its ranks in April. Taking into account the last accepted members, 38 companies currently belong to CMIC, and the overwhelming number of analysts agree that their number will only grow. This is due to the fact that, despite the very recent foundation, CMIC has all the opportunities and prospects to become a truly influential and significant organization in the crypto world.

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