Mini-course on cryptocurrency for beginners from Bybit - where to find and what you can learn

Bybit is one of the largest crypto exchanges, which has been joined by more than 10 million users in just 3 years, and of course it is interested in their number only growing. Analysts and specialists of the exchange know that newcomers are often afraid of the unknown, and there is an opinion among them that cryptocurrencies are difficult, confusing and very incomprehensible.

Indeed, it can be difficult to independently understand the huge amount of information available on the Internet. Bybit solves this problem with a 30-minute mini-course "Cryptocurrency is here", which will help you immerse yourself in the basics of crypto assets and decide to take that very first step to trading. The course is perfectly structured and presented in clear language, which is the most important for novice crypto traders and investors.

Course lessons and their summary

Lesson 1: Cryptocurrency as an asset. Basic knowledge. You will learn about the types of cryptocurrencies, useful analytical sites, get step-by-step instructions for registration and verification on the exchange, be able to replenish your first deposit and learn how to choose tokens and trading pairs.

Lesson 2: P2P is like two times two. Learn about the advantages of the P2P method, get step-by-step instructions for buying cryptocurrencies and learn important security rules.

Lesson 3: They are not trading here, but trading. Study the types of trading orders and their differences, learn about spot trading and the mode of operation of crypto markets.

Lesson 4: Passive income on crypto assets. Get information about passive income and staking, learn what APY is and how to calculate it.

Another important advantage of the course is practical tasks after each lesson, which help to immediately consolidate the knowledge gained in practice. And for those who want to fully check the assimilation of the course information, upon its completion, a mini-test is available with the possibility of obtaining an electronic certificate in case of successful completion.

This mini-course is a great start in the world of crypto trading, it helps to feel confident that with due attention, working with cryptocurrency is available to absolutely everyone. And those who are really serious, after completing the course, you can and should start working on Bybit or another cryptocurrency exchange. You can also connect Bybit via GRIN4

The course is absolutely free and is available on the official Bybit website at the link https://www.bybit.com/ru-ru/promo/mkt/ru/cryptocourse/?medium=paid_content&source=economistkg&channel=mkt_&campaign=minicourse&content=ru&dtpid=1664261859126.

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