The UAE Ministry of Economy and its new office in the metaverse

The UAE is a state known for its love of high technology and innovation - for example, it is there that flying vehicles and the possibilities of their use in everyday life are tested.

The authorities of the Emirates also keep up with the trends and look to the future - that is why their Ministry of Economy decided to go further in expanding its presence in the virtual space and opened its own office in the metaverse. 

The virtual office looks like a multi-storey building, in which each floor is designed to solve certain tasks. And it is worth saying that this is not a prop at all - citizens will be able to interact with the office specialists in solving their very real earthly problems after they register in the metaverse.

And now let's take a little walk around this building. It provides an auditorium for virtual conferences and other events, a meeting room, and in addition - two headquarters of the Ministry in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

What is all this done for?

The answer is obvious - to implement the directives of the UAE leadership on digitalization of administrative activities. The UAE strives for the digitalization of administrative and public services, is not afraid of experiments and, most likely, will simply come to what is inevitable in principle faster than most other countries. The country's leadership has already moved away from the policy of proving the need for high-tech changes - it is intensively implementing them and is not going to stop. For example, the Minister of Economy Abdullah bin Tuk Al Marri made the following statement against the background of the opening of an office in the metaverse: "this is not a proof of concept, but the third stage of testing."

Even earlier than the Ministry of Finance, the Dubai Virtual Asset Regulation Authority (VARA) was noted in the virtual world. In May, against the background of the fact that the presence of large corporations in the metaverse has become a real trend, it launched its representative office in the virtual world of The Sandbox. 

And in general, the UAE is famous for its interest in cryptocurrencies and the desire to introduce them into the functioning of the state. According to those responsible, the role of cryptocurrency in the country's economy will only grow, and at the moment the prospect of paying salaries in it is already being discussed. And in July, the country presented a concept for the development of its own unique metaverse, where the main emphasis is on artificial intelligence. The goal of the UAE is simple and clear - to enter the top 10 countries leading in this direction.

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