How much money do I need to work with one GRIN4 bot and get results? How much should I start with?

We recommend allocating at least $100 per bot. This amount is not accidental - on the one hand, it allows you to get a tangible monetary result from the work of the bot, and on the other - to ensure the functioning of the grid of insurance orders.

What is a safety order grid and why is it important?

The grid of safety orders is nothing more than automated averaging of a position. Or in another way - risk hedging. In other words, the bot buys the coin in accordance with the step you set in the settings, if its value falls below the price initially determined for the purchase.

For ease of understanding, let's give a conditional example - let's say you bought a certain coin at a price of $ 10 in the hope of its further growth. However, no one can give an absolute guarantee that the price will immediately go up, it may also temporarily decrease. And in this case, the bot starts to buy more coins at this declining, lower than the original price in order to average your position.

If you set the step to 0.5, then the purchase will occur every time the price drops by 0.5 dollars and will amount to 9.5, 9, 8.5 dollars and so on. Such a decision will not only allow you to get more profit if the initial forecast turns out to be correct and the price rises, but also to reduce losses if the fall still turns out to be too big to continue to hold the position.

Therefore, $ 100 is the most comfortable amount for work, which will allow you to evaluate all the capabilities of the bot without large investments and at the same time immediately begin to conduct serious, profitable trading. In other words, it is optimal both from a technical, financial and psychological point of view.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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