Is it possible to connect several exchange accounts to the GRIN4 aggregator? Are there any risks?

The answer to this question is simple and unambiguous - yes, it is possible.

Knowing the specifics of trading cryptocurrencies, we understand that one user can have several accounts on the same exchange - this is mainly done to distribute risks, sometimes to test different trading styles, and any other reasons are not excluded.

In our system, it is possible to connect several accounts of the same exchange, formally or actually belonging to the same person, while no merging of accounts occurs, each of them is visible separately for the convenience of further work. That is, we mean both accounts registered for one person and accounts registered for different people, but actually managed by one person. 

Now let's talk about the risks. There are risks when connecting multiple accounts, but only from the exchanges themselves, and not from our GRIN4 ecosystem. They are related to the fact that the registration of several accounts for one person or the use by one person of two or more accounts registered in different names is prohibited by the rules of the exchanges. Checks are carried out to identify violators of these rules, requests for additional verification are received and other measures are taken. If a violation is still detected, then one or all of the linked accounts are blocked. 

On our part, no information about the number of accounts connected by users is transmitted to exchanges - we do not exchange this information with them and in no way participate in identifying violators, maintaining the complete confidentiality of our customers' data. However, as mentioned above, the risks from the exchanges themselves have not been canceled, and they must be remembered.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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