Is there a distribution (diversification) of risks in GRIN4? How is it organized?

The distribution of money is an excellent way to preserve and multiply them under any circumstances, including force majeure, that may affect a single coin.

We understand that the distribution (diversification) of risks is one of the most important elements of trading. It corresponds to a simple, proven and well-known rule - do not put all the eggs in one basket. In our case, it is not to bet only on one or several coins, since trading on the cryptocurrency market is always a job with a probability that never equals 100%.

Risk diversification in the GRIN4 bot is inherent in the very principle of its operation. You can always launch an unlimited number of bots simultaneously trading an unlimited number of coins. Everything depends only on your individual principles of working with capital. Therefore, you will not have to watch with horror how the coin in which you have invested all your funds falls. Even if one or several coins decrease in value, you will still get your profit due to the growth of others.

The principle of diversification is also taken into account in the functioning of the system itself - through it you can use and trade funds stored on different exchanges. Now there is no need to constantly switch between exchanges and get confused in accounts - they are all actually collected in one place and are always available for work. This greatly simplifies their management and eliminates the need to trade only on one exchange out of inconvenience, thereby providing additional protection in different situations - for example, when the same sanctions are imposed affecting a particular exchange.

Another way to diversify risks is to install a bot profit coin. In simple words, this is an independent choice of a coin in which the bot will fix profits, and this is not only the usual dollars and bitcoins, which, due to their maximum popularity, may, for example, be the first to fall under the next restrictions. In our service, you can choose any coin for profit-taking, and they can be different for different bots. This allows you to remain flexible in any situation and use the coins that are most convenient and safe in each case. That is, you can accumulate your profit in at least a hundred different coins, without fear that all your savings will fall under sanctions or significantly decrease due to a sharp drop in the exchange rate of one or more cryptocurrencies.

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