Fan football cryptocurrencies - why do clubs and fans need them

It would seem that cryptocurrency and football are absolutely unrelated, since the world of sports is far from blockchains and other technologies. And until a certain time, this was indeed the case, but the coronavirus pandemic forced many top football clubs to look towards the current and gaining momentum cryptocurrency market.

The whole point is not only the desire to be in the trend, but also that the epidemic has caused a noticeable financial blow to the entire football industry. The ban or significant restrictions on the presence of fans at matches, falling sales of paraphernalia, obvious difficulties with the development of the fan movement — all this became the starting point for the development of fan cryptocurrencies.

Most of the top teams have decided not to get into the wilds of the crypto industry and use ready-made solutions to place their tokens. For example, Spanish Barcelona and English Manchester City cooperate with the Socios platform, which allows not only to trade with cryptocurrency and exchange it between users, but also to organize polls, communities, and voting.

Was the main financial reason for the release of football tokens justified? We can say that only partially. This method of raising funds turned out to be not as effective and large-scale as originally expected, and the dynamics of token price fluctuations still correlates with bitcoin to one degree or another.

Things are much better with the reputational aspect and the popularization of clubs. As practice has shown, the initial free distribution of tokens or their sale at a symbolic cost has perfectly justified itself as a way of interacting with fans and establishing communication with them.

Tokens have become a kind of addition or even an alternative to traditional fan clubs. Their owners have access to meetings with players and coaching staff, special events, prize draws, and sometimes to club management opportunities - for example, participation in choosing the design of club symbols or branded goods. And at the same time, tokens are bought only once, while privileged participation in fan clubs involves the constant payment of membership fees.

So, which fan cryptocurrencies are especially popular and attractive for investment today, not only for fans, but also for those who are considering new opportunities for the cryptocurrency market? Below is a list of them with an approximate capitalization.

Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG) - $49.5 million;

Manchester City Fan Token (CITY) - $38.6 million;

Atletico Madrid Fan Token (ATM) - $26.9 million;

Inter Milan Fan Token (INTER) - $21.3 million;

FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR) - $19 million;

Juventus Fan Token (JUV) - $ 10.3 million

Is it possible to consider fan tokens for investment? Definitely yes, especially the tokens of the world's top clubs, which guarantee the reliability of their cryptocurrency with their own name. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that all of them are quite volatile and obey the general laws of the crypto market, which means they should be perceived not only as a way to support your favorite club, but also as a full-fledged trading tool with all the relevant risks.



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