P2E - what is it, and is it possible to make money on it

P2E (play-to-earn) is a direction of the crypto market that has become very popular in recent years, the concept of which is simple - play and earn. In other words, these are a wide variety of games that have built-in functions for earning money. P2E games are built on the blockchain, which allows for the protection of players' assets and information about their achievements.

Often, functionality is added to these blockchain games, which makes it possible to interact with non-interchangeable tokens (NFT), which is extremely relevant and in demand in the game industry. For example, in the form of an NFT, you can imagine the game characters themselves, various items, Easter eggs, artifacts, awards and much more. And to ensure the exchange and purchase of these NFTs, many games organize their own marketplaces. The earnings themselves are most often payments in native tokens of the project, which players can spend inside the game to purchase new elements of it, or withdraw from the platform and exchange for stablecoins or fiat.

Due to the rather high popularity of the direction, developers are trying to please all users - therefore, P2E can be played on computers and smartphones. What is the peculiarity of the gameplay and earnings? That they need an initial investment.

For example, in the notorious STEPN game, players can turn their physical activity into GST tokens - that is, receive them for the distance traveled and calculated by GPS. But before that, the player must buy digital sneakers presented in the NFT format. To buy, you can use the OpenSea NFT marketplace and Solana cryptocurrency. Sneakers on the platform are very different, and their price starts from $ 60.

What is the main pitfall of this type of earnings? Timeliness. Most games allow you to earn money at the start and in the first months of their existence, and then the monetization opportunities gradually begin to fade or even come to naught. For example, this is exactly what happened with the STERN game, which was discussed above. At the beginning of 2022, the project caught a wave of popularity, but due to the huge influx of users, its profitability soon dropped significantly. In addition to the risks, you can also name fraudulent projects in which it is impossible to earn money in principle.

In general, the bear market common to the crypto industry also knocked down the P2E tokens, which were also marked by a deafening drop. For example, the prices of AXS P2E tokens-the first generation project Axie Infinity, Aurory (AURY), SolChicks (CHICKS) and Age of Gods (AOG) have fallen by more than 90% from peak values. However, game lovers are still optimistic, and some experts suggest that the capitalization of the P2E sphere will reach billions in the future in a few years.

So, you can make money on blockchain games, but it is important to follow certain rules. Firstly, do not neglect the analysis of the game, so as not to waste money and time. Secondly, to enter the game from the very start, and not when it becomes difficult or impossible to earn money in it. And gradually withdraw at least part of the earned tokens, so as not to lose everything in the event of a collapse of the exchange rate.

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