Polygon platform - what are its features and attractiveness for large brands

Polygon is a platform launched in 2017 for connecting and scaling the blockchain network, which was originally developed for scaling Ethereum. Polygon was originally co-founded by Jainti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal, Anurag Arjun and Mihailo Bjelic.

To date, the platform enjoys impressive popularity, as evidenced only by its support for more than 7,000 blockchain-based projects. It performs several important functions at once that allow blockchain projects to gain significant competitive advantages - increases their flexibility, scalability and sovereignty, provides a high level of security, as well as compatibility and structural advantages of the Ethereum blockchain.

Thus, among the most notable advantages of Polygon are:

- maintaining a high transaction processing speed, which can reach 65,000 per second. To understand the true impressiveness of this figure, it is worth mentioning that the international payment giant VISA has such a speed of only 24,000 transactions per second;

- low transaction fees, which also do not depend on their amount. The standard commission for a single transaction is only about $0.01;

- The Polygon architecture makes it possible to build projects of any scale and complexity - from play-to-earn games to multi-million DeFi protocols.

All these advantages lead to the fact that many large decentralized projects are deployed on Polygon, among them Aave, Curve and SushiSwap. And in December 2021, the Uniswap decentralized exchange was launched on the platform. Among other major brands, the Hi Technology cryptocurrency platform and Mastercard cooperate with Polygon.

According to their statements, the main task of this cooperation is to open users access to freedom of creativity and self-expression. Now the owners of Polygon wallets can create individual debit cards NFT Mastercard, allowing you to spend cryptocurrency and fiat from more than 90 million sellers of various goods and services around the world.

And the end of 2022 was marked by the fact that well-known global giants collaborated with Polygon and used its technologies to penetrate Web3, that is, a new interpretation of the Internet, where user data is stored not by large corporations, but in decentralized databases. Among these brands were Coca-Cola, Reddit and Starbucks. Gaming giants such as JEDSTAR Gaming have not bypassed Polygon either.

All this clearly indicates that the platform's capabilities have already been appreciated by the largest market players who can afford to choose the best, reliable and advanced solutions. However, startups should also pay attention to it, for which there are separate opportunities that take into account the specifics of launching a new business. At GRIN4, we also take an example from the best in our field and try to offer the most attractive terms of cooperation for both beginners and experienced crypto traders.


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