Exchanges available to Russians in 2023

The year 2022 has become a turning point and difficult for the entire crypto industry, and especially for traders and investors from Russia. This is due to the fact that it was Russian citizens who fell under several waves of European sanctions that affected their ability to work with cryptocurrencies.

In April 2022, the European Commission introduced for Russians the first, as it later turned out, very mild ban on storing amounts exceeding 10,000 euros on European crypto accounts and crypto wallets. Then, in particular, the largest crypto exchange Binance joined these restrictions.

This was followed by the eighth package of EU sanctions against Russia, which prohibits companies whose headquarters are registered on the territory of the European Union from opening crypto accounts and crypto wallets for Russians, as well as servicing them. Thus, for Russian cryptocurrency users, the question of which exchanges remain available for work, despite all the sanctions restrictions, has become acute. And in fact, there are many such exchanges.

Among them:

-                Binance. Yes, the limit of 10 thousand dollars remains relevant, but in all other issues and aspects, the exchange is still relevant for work.

- Bybit is a Singapore crypto exchange, which initially did not support restrictions for clients from Russia. Representatives of the company stated that they would not "discriminate against users by their location and passport";

- OKX is a Seychelles platform, which currently has more than 350 crypto assets, and in October last year it took third place among the largest crypto exchanges, demonstrating a daily trading volume of $ 1.5 billion;

- Huobi is a Chinese exchange platform, which has already been joined by 10 million users, its reserve security fund is 20,000 BTC, and the number of illegal incidents over 9 years of existence is zero;

- KuCoin is a Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating since 2017 and provides access to trading more than 700 altcoins;

- Gate.io - a multifunctional trading platform with opportunities for spot and margin trading in cryptocurrencies, futures and ETFs.Working with all the exchanges mentioned above is implemented within the framework of the GRIN4 ecosystem - so that you can have access to your accounts in one place without having to constantly switch between platforms.

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