Long-term forecasts of cryptocurrencies - what to expect in the next decade

To date, cryptanalysts give different forecasts for the future, and this is not surprising. The news of the crypto market cannot be called unambiguous in any way, the whole world continues to live through a situation that it has never encountered before, and all the old and familiar dogmas are collapsing one after another. And if a lot has already been said about the near future, then what about the long-term future?

Let's consider the main, most realistic assumptions.

When assessing the long-term prospects of the cryptocurrency, it is not so much the study of the macroeconomic situation, which is simply impossible to predict for such a long period of time, as the technical analysis of global trends that comes into play. And here the forecasts inspire genuine optimism, because in the context of long-term trends, the current situation is still seen as an exception to the rule and only a temporary hitch in the way of continuing the upward bullish trend. And if we add to this the increasing popularity of calculations in cryptocurrency and the fact that any crisis is somehow finite, the situation seems even more rosy.

For example, according to the data and analysis of the Traders Union platform, in 2025 the price of bitcoin will be approximately 73 thousand dollars, and in 2030 - 375 thousand, that is, we are dealing with a kind of geometric progression.

Almost the same opinion is expressed by the authors of the Crypto Research Report portal, who predict the growth of bitcoin to $ 397,000 over the next 10 years. Also, according to analysts from Liechtenstein, not only the flagship cryptocurrency will be lucky, but also a number of altcoins, whose long-awaited rally may last for as long as five years.

Experts believe that as soon as the first unambiguous signs of a bearish trend reversal appear, a real bull run will begin, that is, active purchases with almost no sales.

However, it should be borne in mind that any, even the most reasonable forecasts are always working with probability. In a conditional 5-10 years, a lot can change in the global financial system and the conjuncture of the crypto market itself, so decisions need to be made carefully and with an assessment of all risks and consequences.

Based on the general sentiment of analysts, we can conclude that we are approaching the exit from the global cryptocurrency crisis, and the bearish trend is ready to give way to a bullish one. This, in particular, is an ideal moment for such a universal strategy as hodl, which is especially suitable for beginners. However, the situation on the world stage still resembles a powder keg, and the past year has taught all market participants that there is nothing permanent and guaranteed on it, and everything can change in a few days. Therefore, any optimism should be with an eye, however, as usual.

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