Why is it also possible to earn money in the bear market, and why is it best to do it with the help of trading bots?

There is still an opinion among traders that it is impossible to earn money in a falling market, at least constantly and steadily.

This statement has little to do with reality, because a professional trader is a professional because he knows how to make a profit in any market conditions - in a bear market, bull market and even in a sideways market. And this is absolutely logical, because in times of crisis, and in ordinary times, too, the global market decline can drag on for weeks or even months. And what to do in this case - just does not fit the terminal? This in itself sounds absurd.

So why did the bear market displease some participants of the crypto market? Why do they think that it is better to stay away from exchanges during this period? The main reason is the much sharper and therefore unpredictable behavior of the market. It is no secret that the market is falling much faster than it is growing, because general panic moods are connected to this process, because of which prices simply fly down, without paying any attention to the laws of the same technical analysis. That is, it becomes more difficult to analyze the situation, more nerves are spent on it, the risks increase, and the result seems to promise to be doubtful. It is much calmer and more convenient to just buy on a growing trend, sitting out possible drawdowns, and at the same time always go into the plus.

But as always, not everything is so simple. Firstly, any bullish trend is not infinite. And you can easily lose the entire deposit if you believe in its indestructibility and just persistently keep a long position, not paying attention to the real state of affairs. It is not always possible for crypto traders, especially beginners, to distinguish a trend change from its correction. And it's not a fact that your deposit will withstand even the usual market pullback down if you neglected money management. And then, even if the bear market carries more risks, but along with these risks it opens up much more opportunities for earnings.

If you catch the fall in time, then in a short period of rapid flight of the price down, you can increase your capital quite well. The whole question is - how to do it? Of course, you can work independently using classic strategies. Among them are selling at the breaking point of the global uptrend (the last maximum of the trend is lower than the previous one, the last minimum is broken and also lower than the previous one), exit from the ascending channel, fundamental analysis (the trader joins the fall caused by negative news about a certain asset, the market as a whole or the global global situation). And in general, as you know, trend is your friend - trend is your friend. If it became obvious that the bullish trend has changed to a bearish one, then it is absolutely logical and correct to start looking for sales.

But you can do it in another way - use trading bots, which are much more impartial in making decisions, will help control risks and squeeze the maximum out of the fall. After all, sometimes, for example, it is so difficult not to close a position after the first small rebound of the price up.

GRIN4 implements trading bots that make trading profitable in any market. And if you still avoid opening positions to lower the price, then just get acquainted with their capabilities and test them in action. And perhaps after that you will start waiting not for a calm bullish trend, but for a swift and sharp bearish one.

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