FTT up 90% due to possible return of FTX

In the third quarter, representatives of the crypto exchange will provide documents on the reorganization of the company with planning to return to work. This was reported in The Block. As a result, FTT grew by 90% at once.

How are things with the exchange

The lawyer said that the crypto exchange managed to collect assets worth $ 7.3 billion. She filed for bankruptcy last year. In March, it provided an estimate of the total lack of funds at $8.7 billion. Of these, about $ 1.6 billion in BTC.

At the same time, when the judge asked about a possible restart, the representative of the crypto exchange did not directly answer. He said that a lot of capital needs to be raised for this. One of the options he offered to clients was to invest part of the compensation payments in shares to revive the platform.

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