Binance updates deposit addresses of some clients

To increase security, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange has updated the deposit addresses of some users. They should receive an email notification about the changes made.

Why is this being done

Representatives of the exchange explained the need to update deposit addresses by the fact that the cryptocurrency wallet is being improved. Those accruals that were made to old addresses will be displayed in the "Deposit History" category.

When the user receives an email notification of a change in the deposit address, he will need to make the appropriate changes when replenishing his account. The creation of a new address will be provided by the corresponding link.

The old addresses will be valid after the new ones are created, or after the expiration of the 30-day period from the date of receipt of the corresponding notification by e-mail.

Note that users can use the "receipt in 1 click" button to transfer their assets to a spot crypto wallet. It is located in the operation history section.

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