Coinbase is thinking about leaving the US

CoinDesk reported that the director of Coinbase is thinking about the withdrawal of the cryptocurrency exchange from the American market. He explained this by the fact that there are no specifics in the regulatory documents.

Details about this

According to Brian Armstrong, the United States may be the main player in the cryptocurrency market. But this will not happen as long as there is constant uncertainty in regulatory documents.

He explained his words by saying that until there is a certainty that the cryptocurrency exchange should see, Coinbase will pay attention to other countries and increase investments in them.

The Director noted that the UK has a clear advantage in this problem. There is only one branch that regulates the cryptocurrency market and its assets. However, there are two of them in the USA and the exchange constantly receives contradictory statements from them.

Earlier, Raul Pal, who is the chief manager of Goldman Sachs, warned that large cryptocurrency companies will soon escape from the United States.

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