Tribe Capital is interested in restoring the FTX platform

Not so long ago it became known that the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, which declared bankruptcy last year, is thinking about returning to work. The venture capital organization Tribe Capital has expressed interest.

More details

The Tribe Capital organization invested in a bankrupt cryptocurrency platform. At the beginning of the year, Arjun Seti, who is the co-founder of the company, held a meeting with a committee that is related to unsecured loans of the exchange. They discussed the possible revival of the cryptocurrency platform.

The company is thinking about attracting investments of $ 250 million. At the same time, she received about $100 million in support from the main company.

The Credit Committee of the exchange made a statement that it is working on the analysis and prospects of all opportunities to restart or sell the exchange, providing benefits to creditors.

Earlier it was reported that the lawyers of the crypto exchange in the summer will provide the court with a plan regarding the reorganization of the site with a possible return to work. At the moment, the representatives of the site could not provide any specifics. To the judge's direct question about how the work will be resumed, the representatives of the exchange only replied that they hoped for investments and the investment of part of the funds of the payments due to users in the platform. However, the development of measures and their assessment on the return to work is still underway.

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