The Central Bank told about the myths about the digital ruble

Recently, the Central Bank published a list of questions and answers on the digital ruble. In it, he gave answers to questions regarding the new means of payment and related misunderstandings.

Details about the digital ruble

First of all, the Central Bank stated that the introduction of the digital ruble would not be the reason for its forced use. Also, cash will not be canceled.

Salaries of budget specialists and payments to social categories are also not planned to be transferred to the digital ruble without the consent of users.

The new national currency will become a tool for tracking citizens or their finances. The Central Bank said that the amount of data will be the same as for non-cash transactions.

The citizen will be provided with only one wallet placed on the Central Bank site. At the same time, there will be no binding to specific private banks. Access to the wallet is made through an application on a smartphone. Transfers will be made by phone number, and purchases on the sites will be paid using a QR code.

It should be noted that the Central Bank has been able to launch the digital ruble in testing mode since the beginning of this year. From April 1, he was going to provide access to users already. However, due to the lack of a legislative framework and precise regulation, I could not do this.

At the moment, the bill on the regulation of the digital ruble was adopted only in the first reading. It will take some more time before its final adoption.

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