SafeMoon has agreed with the hacker to return the funds

It is known that the attacker will be able to steal about $ 9 million from the liquid pool. However, the platform was able to agree on the return of 80% of the stolen funds.

Details about the transaction

The team notified users that an agreement had been reached by entering the appropriate signature to the operation from the expanded address. It states that the liquidity pool was able to return 80% of the stolen volume when the remainder is given to the hacker as a reward.

At the same time, the platform agreed that it would not sue the hacker for further proceedings. The team clarified that they had studied all the circumstances and decided this was the most optimal solution to preserve the interests of both users and the site itself.

Note that after the theft, the hacker immediately contacted the site team and said that he would make a refund. According to him, he "accidentally" attacked the protocol.

Recall that on March 29, it became known about the hacking of a platform running on the BNB Chain blockchain. The amount of tokens amounted to 27 thousand BNB. The attack was launched "from the inside", which indicates a key leak. After the theft of funds, the hacker burned part of the SFM coins. This was the reason for the increase in tokens. Then he sold them at an inflated rate, and a couple of hours later contacted the site team and transferred them 4,000 BNB worth about $ 1.2 million.

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