The MEV bot spent about $1.3 million on commission to trade meme coins

The MEV bot is controlled by the user jaredfromsubway. It became known that over the past 24 hours, the bot managed to spend $ 1.33 million. in the form of gas. The amount was used to pay the commission within the Ethereum crypto network.

Details about this

MEV bots are used for sandwich attacks when interacting with low-liquid meme tokens such as CHAD, Uniswap and others. The address spent gas 1.75% of the total volume on the network. He became the second among the largest on the Air.

According to Watchers.ETH, yesterday the bot was able to earn about 700 thousand dollars. For example, PEPE, which was released on April 14, managed to rise 7 times during this time.

Note that traders cannot withdraw their assets. According to Adrian Hetman, this is due to both the lack of buyers and the fact that liquidity is usually in MAA pools. Because of this, it is impossible to perform large operations. This is an ideal target for sandwich attacks by bots.

Despite the fact that the bot spent more than $ 1.3 million, it was able to earn about $ 1.5 million on PEPE and over $2.81 million on WOJAK.

As a result, due to the activity of the MEV bot and the hype around meme tokens, gas has become much more expensive. Moreover, if a week ago, on average, the commission cost 25 gwei and cost $ 1.1, now it already reaches an average of 72 gwei, which costs almost $ 3. the maximum size is 240 gwei, which is almost $10.

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