Flippers - what skills are needed to master the profession of the future

The word "flipper" and its derivatives have been around for quite some time. Today we will figure out what lies behind them, and why many people call flipping the profession of the future.

A flipper in the world of cryptocurrencies is a trader who earns on short-term fluctuations in the price of assets. For long-livers of financial markets, synonyms more familiar to the ear have long been known - scalper or speculator. In other words, this is a person who prefers short-term deals instead of holding them for weeks or months. Flipper does not have his head in the clouds and does not expect that one deal in six months will bring him millions - he usually takes a small but frequent profit from the market, which together allows him to have a solid income.

The very definition of flipping logically implies the qualities that such a trader should possess. Firstly, it is the speed of reaction and the ability to make decisions quickly. There is no time to think and decide for a long time, otherwise the market will have time to take back all the earned profit. The opening and closing of transactions should occur with lightning speed and confidence. And by the way, robots or special software are often used for this, since performing operations with hands takes an unacceptably long time. One of the solutions is a trading bot tailored to a personal strategy, which can be accessed in the GRIN4 ecosystem.

Next - attentiveness and the ability to see details. Flippers mostly make decisions on lower timeframes, where it is important to consider a good entry point in time. Of course, we do not forget about a cool head and managing not only risks, but also emotions. Flipping refers to high-risk trading, so it is important to be able to stop in time, not to make transactions in an unstable moral state, and even more so not to fall into a tilt.

But despite all the difficulties, flipping also opens up many opportunities that are not available for medium- and long-term trading. For example, these are excellent chances to quickly disperse the deposit. The crypto market is volatile and subject to multiple fluctuations, so the ability to catch them is a direct way to quickly increase capital. The second plus is daily earnings. The flipper can withdraw profits every day, and not wait for the result of transactions for weeks and months. Flipping is also relevant on the part of the market itself and crypto exchanges. Such short-term transactions provide the necessary liquidity in the market, as well as maintain the balance of supply and demand.

Thus, the advantages of flipping are obvious, and with a competent and conscious approach to business, they outweigh the disadvantages many times. More and more people want to receive money from trading not somewhere in the future, but here and now. Therefore, there is no doubt that the popularity and demand for this approach will only grow.

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