Which cryptocurrencies became the most liquid at the beginning of 2023

The first quarter of 2023 has already passed, and conclusions can be drawn about which cryptocurrencies have shown themselves to be the most liquid, that is, capable of being quickly converted into money or other coins. In other words, if necessary, you can easily and quickly buy and sell them at the current rate.

And Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether (USDT) continue to hold the palm. The constant availability of supply and demand, a huge trading volume, presence on absolutely all exchanges and stable popularity among crypto traders and investors allow them to maintain their liquidity at the highest level, and the start of this year was no exception. You will definitely have no problems buying or selling these assets at the desired price due to the lack of market sellers and buyers. Therefore, the possibilities and potential of operations with them are truly limitless.Next in our ranking is Litecoin (LTC) created by Charles Lee.

Its capitalization is already $5,438,992,242, and the price continues to grow steadily. Next is Ripple (XRP), whose team is constantly working to strengthen it and increase liquidity, and it is worth saying that the results of this work are really impressive - the demand for XRP is striving higher and higher, and its capitalization has already reached $ 17.65 billion. Solana closes the top six - a coin that experienced a rapid rise to $ 200 and an equally deafening drop to 10-20, but is still actively traded and, according to many analysts, has good growth prospects this year.In general, it should be said that absolutely all coins with decent capitalization and listing on the largest verified crypto exchanges do not have liquidity problems as such, especially when it comes to investors with small or medium capital.

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