Cryptocurrency listing - what is it, how it goes, and is it possible to make money on it

Listing is one of the most important concepts of the crypto industry, which conceals very good opportunities for earnings.

In translation from English, listing is adding to the list, in our case, to the list of trading pairs of a specific crypto exchange, after which traders have the opportunity to fully perform operations with the asset. To put it even more simply, then listing is nothing more than the token entering the exchange.

Usually, listing on centralized exchanges takes place according to the standard scheme. As a rule, it is initiated by the creators of the token, but sometimes the trading platforms themselves can come up with an offer - for example, if the crypto asset is already in good demand among investors. Next, an application for listing is submitted, if approved, a fee is paid, after which the exchange includes the token in its list of supported pairs. The whole catch of this process is that it is not so easy to get an application approved, which means that not all tokens can be listed. This is a question of the reputation and effective operation of the exchange, therefore, the attitude to the verification of candidates is the most serious - their fundamental analysis is carried out, the project team, its mission and the community are studied.

In the case of decentralized exchanges, everything is much easier for token creators, but much riskier for traders and investors. And all because in this case no listing permission is required. Absolutely any user can add a liquidity pool of a new trading pair and place it for trading. There is also no listing fee, excluding withdrawals for creating a smart contract on the network. And all this leads to the fact that it is quite possible to encounter fraudulent tokens on decentralized exchanges.

How to make money on the listing? The easiest way is to use the so-called "stock effect". It consists in the fact that most tokens increase in price by about a third after the start of trading on the exchange. This stable pattern is explained quite logically - the very news that the cryptocurrency will be traded on any popular crypto exchange is already significantly fueling interest in it. However, do not forget that this effect is of a short-term nature - usually after a rapid growth, tokens begin to decline in price. Therefore, it is important not to be greedy, but to fix the profit in time. And one more important note - to implement this strategy, it is important to choose large and popular crypto exchanges. Because if the platform is not known to many people, the price of the token may not grow at all due to a small demand for it.

So, obviously, the first step for making money on a listing is to track it in time. The following resources will be useful for this:

- Binance section with the publication of new cryptolistings;

- Service ListedOn.org, showing listings of cryptocurrency assets on centralized exchanges;

- ListingSpy service for tracking listings on decentralized exchanges.

So, it is obvious that listing cryptocurrencies is a great chance to earn money, and quite quickly. However, it is necessary to approach it thoughtfully and wisely - at least to study the project whose tokens you are going to buy. Because everything that happens on crypto exchanges is working with a probability that, as you know, never equals 100%.

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