Farouk Fatih Ozera extradited to Turkey

Albania handed over the founder of the Thodex crypto exchange to Turkey. He was also a former SEO company.

Details about the reasons

Farukh Fatih Ozera has already been delivered to the Turkish capital. He is in custody. Earlier, the prosecutor's office accused the former head of the site and 20 other persons of creating a criminal organization. Fraud and money laundering are also on the list of charges. The punishment was demanded in the amount of 40 thousand years of imprisonment for all.

According to the conclusion, the exchange caused damage by its activities in the amount of 356 million liras. This amounts to about $24 million. However, Chainalysis experts conducted their own assessment and named the amount at $2.6 billion.

Recall that a year ago, the exchange abruptly stopped trading. At first, the administration said that technical work was being carried out. After that, she said that she was transferring the platform to her partner and the procedure would take no more than 4 days. However, users were immediately concerned, as the exchange closed their accounts on social networks.

It should be noted that only 78 people should be arrested. At the moment, most of the suspects have been detained. The Lake itself was detained last year in Albania itself. However, they were handed over to Turkey only now.

After the incidents with the exchanges, since Vebitcoin also closed last year and a case was opened against it, the Turkish authorities began to pursue a tougher policy. Now it is required to verify accounts and inform the regulator when conducting transactions in the amount of more than 10 thousand liras.

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