Bitfarms Boosts Bitcoin Mining Capacity in Argentina

Bitfarms is engaged in Bitcoin mining. Representatives of the company announced on Twitter that they had received all permits in Argentina, allowing them to reach working capacities of up to 100 MW. The mining center is located in Rio Cuarto.

Details about the mining center

The company started the construction of a mining center in Argentina in the fall of 2021. Then she already had 5 similar centers in Canada.

It is planned that during the first stage in Argentina, the center will increase the capacity of 18 MW. This value is twice as large as the current one. To do this, specialists have installed 2.1 thousand ASICs from leading manufacturers of such equipment – Bitmain and MicroBT. Additionally, the substation was tested, which can give up to 120 MW of power.

The company's SEO stated that the cost of electricity under the contract is less than $0.03 per kWh. This is the lowest tariff for the company.

At the moment, the mining company has bought another 6,200 devices to place them in its center. After she installs them, the hashrate will grow to 1.1 EH/s. In total, the company will have 5.7 EH/s.

Ben Gagnot stressed that the building of the first stage is capable of supporting a capacity of up to 50 MW. The purchased devices in total will give another 40 MW. At the same time, representatives of the company stated that they were going to make additional purchases in order to reach the desired level.

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