Crypto Assets Under Threat Due to Google Authenticator Update

Two–factor authentication from Google is a familiar thing. However, the latest update included cloud synchronization. According to analysts, SlowMist, this poses a serious threat to the security of personal information.

What do the experts say about this?

The security team gave some explanations. So they noted that when using this backup method, the email address is at risk. If you lose access to the mail, the authentication verification code may be stolen. These are huge risks.

The new version assumes synchronization of the confirmation code with absolutely all company accounts. It will also be possible to restore access when it is lost.

However, analysts say this is a huge opportunity for scammers. After all, two-factor authentication is no longer tied to a specific device, as a result, fraudsters can gain control over the account from anywhere.

Previously, a backup code could be used for recovery. It was created when Google Authenticator was configured for the first time.

The corporation made such a decision due to a large number of user complaints. After all, it was difficult for them to log in if they lost their device. Therefore, Google has made it easier to get access. According to the representatives

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