VISA is looking for employees for crypto projects

VISA is one of the largest payment systems. She launches cryptocurrency projects, and therefore began searching for employees for her division in the UK capital.

More about vacancies

According to the terms of work, applicants are invited to visit the office only a couple of times a week. On other days, you can perform tasks remotely.

The company needs people who can create platforms with high availability and scalability. She is also looking for specialists who understand Web 3.0 technologies. In addition, the company will give preference to specialists who understand level I and II solutions and who know Solidity. This is the programming language in which smart contracts are written.

The head of crypto projects said that the company is launching ambitious crypto projects. Therefore, vacancies for senior software engineers have been launched. This will allow for broad integration of the blockchain and payments in "stable coins".

The specialist also noted that they pay key attention to specialists who have experience in using artificial intelligence for various solutions. He gives an example of Github Copilot and the like to it.

Note that earlier it was said about the suspension of VISA's work on crypto projects. However, the company denied these rumors.

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