Assets of the largest Binance exchange are blocked

Gibraltar has decided to freeze the assets of the Binance exchange, as it is looking for $ 43 million of the bankrupt Globix crypto exchange. This was reported by the Financial Times.

Details about what is happening

The Court of Gibraltar demanded to freeze crypto wallets that may be associated with the Globix crypto exchange. Recall that she went bankrupt last month.

So several large cryptoplatforms fell under this requirement. The reason is the search for $43 million missing on crypto accounts. Liquidators at the moment have not been able to find them. As a result, such platforms as Binance, Cryprocom, Bitstamp and Kraken fell under the court decision.

Experts have obtained from the court to freeze cryptocurrencies on April 13. However, it was published only now. The court also forced crypto exchanges to disclose information about the owners of crypto wallets. However, this applies only to those users who are suspected of being connected with the crypto exchange.

Recall that the owner of the bankrupt site is a citizen of this country – Damian Carreras. Note that she did not issue a state license. However, its investors included high-ranking officials of the country. It also turned out that one of them was a representative of the parliament.

Due to the fall in the value of key cryptocurrencies, the crypto exchange last year closed access to its customers in the summer.

However, the assets were moved until September. At the same time, it was found out that $ 18 million turned out to be on the Binance site. As a result, the authorities suspect the owner of the crypto exchange of fraud. He is also accused of embezzling funds from his users.

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