Changpeng Zhao's fortune is estimated at more than $28 billion.

Changpeng Zhao founded the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. According to Bloomberg, he currently ranks third in the ranking of 25 financial titans. The publication estimated his capital at more than $ 28 billion.

Details about this

The publication reported that the largest cryptocurrency exchange has about $ 12 billion a year. It reminded that the head got acquainted with the cryptocurrency thanks to Bobby Lee. They were playing poker in Shanghai at the time.

Note that before the creation of the cryptocurrency exchange, the founder worked at Bloomberg Tradebook. Later he collaborated with the Fusion Systems platform. She specialized in trading systems.

Note that Colin Wood, who is a cryptocurrency journalist, said that the real data may be different. This is due to the fact that the crypto exchange does not show financial statements and the share of its head in the business.

The entrepreneur himself denied such data. He said that he does not have so many funds and the data provided by Bloomberg is incorrect.

Recall that at the end of March, CTFC accused the crypto exchange of evading US laws. The Commission also stated that Binance does not comply with the rules. However, the head of the crypto exchange did not agree with the accusations.

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