Records in the Ethereum options market

The Shapella hard fork has had a beneficial effect on the Ethereum options market. Thanks to the last update, interest in them has increased significantly, and the indicators have updated the historical maximum. This was reported by The Block.

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Less than a month has passed since the update, as the indicators of open interest have grown to $ 205 million. Trading volume also increased significantly from $94.7 million in March to $272 million this month.

Experts note that the increase was about 187%. They explain this by an increase in activity in Ethereum instruments. The withdrawal of tokens from staking also had a positive effect.

Analyst Carlos Gonzalez, said that thanks to Shapella, risks in the blockchain network have decreased. At the same time, the coin placement cycle has closed. Validators also have the opportunity to withdraw cryptocurrencies.

The expert also notes a reduction in liquidity risks. There has been a huge influx of assets into staking over the past week. In total, the indicator reached 162,464 ETH.

Gonzalez also focuses on the reduction to a 3-year low of 30 DMA of Ethereum turnover on spot exchanges to futures contracts. The latter have become more active.

Note that CME gave access to Ethereum options last fall. This month, their list was expanded. Expiration contracts are now available.

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