zkEVM is connected by a bridge with Polygon

The Polygon Labs development team has not only created a cross-chain bridge, but has already launched it. Thanks to this, such crypto networks as Polygon and zkEVM have become united. To do this, the technology of zero-resolution proof was used.

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The developers stated that the Polygon Bridge for zkEVM will provide an absolutely identical interface, which is Polygon PoS.

At the same time, the team used some upgrades that improved its performance. These include the progress indicator, the transaction history panel, where the status color coding is displayed. It also provides an estimate of the time of active transactions and the ability to sort them.

Experts also noted that a high speed of completion will be provided. It takes from half an hour to an hour to transfer assets to Ethereum. The exception may be non-standard conditions for the functioning of the crypto network.

The bridge will support most of the cryptocurrencies. These include such types of tokens as ERC20 and ERC777. After the bridge is initiated, the coins will be automatically matched. Large development teams such as Balancer, Midnight Society, Academy and others are working on the implementation of bridge technology.

Recall that Buterin announced the necessity and inevitability of integrating zkEVM into the first level of the blockchain.

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