Mt.Gox compensation has a limited effect on the value of Bitcoin

After the Mt.Gox exchange went bankrupt, its users are entitled to compensation payments. Matrixport analysts believe that this may have a limited impact on the value of the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

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On April 26, the value of bitcoin fell by 8%. Experts analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion that it was because of rumors about the sale of cryptocurrencies from the crypto wallets of the US government. Also, similar actions were carried out by clients of the Mt.Gox crypto exchange.

Analysts noted that, in general, the crypto market is ready for such a situation. Therefore, there will be no strong impact on the cryptocurrency exchange rate. They also gave a recommendation to use the fall in the value of bitcoin to buy, as the rate will return to its original levels.

Note that about 850,000 BTC was stolen from the exchange. At that time, the amount was $500 million. However, they were able to return only 25% – 200 thousand BTC. At the moment, the amount is almost $ 5.8 billion. Users will be compensated for losses only partially.

The payment period is specified until the end of October this year. At the moment, the exchange has only 20% of its assets. Customers will be provided with a basic payment, where there will be 4 options for receiving funds.

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