Uniswap has found how to reduce costs in the protocol

The decentralized Uniswap crypto exchange has developed a unique approval mechanism. It allows smart contracts to conduct transactions on behalf of users. This was announced by the crypto exchange team on Twitter.

Details and technologies

The developers have noticed that users sometimes need to conduct several transactions at once and pay for gas on them. As a result, they may become disillusioned with the operation of the service and the possibility of potential security risks.

Permit 2 technology allows participants to make their own permissions. They can also approve a coin transaction with a single signature. This allows you to significantly reduce commission costs.

Additionally, a universal router has been developed. It will allow the exchange of coins and non-interchangeable tokens. They were optimized to find the lowest prices. They also allow you to conduct transactions where there will be the lowest gas costs.

The developers note that with such a smart contract, you can conduct several exchanges on the site and buy NFT on other platforms. At the same time, all this is carried out with the help of a single transaction. Combining these technologies avoids additional calculations.

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