Filecon launches analog to cloud services

The Filecoin platform launches a decentralized version of the cloud service. It will become analogues of such sites as Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

Learn more about the new service

Filecoin web service is made in the form of a technological complex of elements that consist of their computing and network capacities. Additionally, storage facilities are used here. According to the representatives, developers can use it to create decentralized applications.

The project team noted that the architecture allows for scalability, flexibility and security. Thanks to this, the service has extensive possibilities for implementation.

The service includes the following technologies:

1. Estuary Node, which is a storage node.

2. Delta Technology Stack – elements that allow you to create and manage storage operations.

3. Delta Dataset Manager – a manager that allows you to make deals that have huge amounts of information outside the pass levels.

4. Delta Importer – allows you to optimize data import.

5. Edge-UR – makes it easier to download and extract information.

6. FWI – web infrastructure for the development of unique analogues.

The project team noted that cloud technologies open up many opportunities for developers. Therefore, they not only strive to use all their advantages, but also to ensure transparency.

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