Bitcoin surpasses other cryptocurrencies – Peter Brandt

Technical analyst and head of Factor LLC Pitter Brandt said that Bitcoin will soon be able to surpass other cryptocurrencies.

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In his account, he indicated that, in his opinion, Bitcoin will be able to bury other "impostors". In the end, he said, there will be only "one king of the mountain."

The expert focused on the chart, which shows the dominance of the first cryptocurrency – BTC.D. it displays the share of bitcoin in the total capitalization of the crypto market.

According to the technical analyst, Bitcoin will soon get a breakthrough, which will end the two-year consolidation. He also says that the trend has a limited range. At the same time, when the exit happens, it will greatly affect the cryptocurrency.

At the moment, the graph indicates a share of 48.4%. Most likely, it should reach more than 50%. Then the bullish trend will begin.

Recall that many experts predict a bull market in the near future. At the same time, the cost of bitcoin should rise according to forecasts to 100 thousand dollars per coin.

Also, Raul Pal made a forecast that soon there will be an influx of new users into the cryptocurrency sphere. It will amount to about 1 billion. participants of the crypto market.

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