Cryptocurrencies and scams in April led to losses of more than $ 103 million.

The analytical company Certik conducted research regarding the loss of funds as a result of exploits, cryptographic break-ins and scam projects. In April alone, the figure was over $103 million. Since January, it has reached almost $430 million at all.

What is reported in the study

Among the most large-scale were the crypto attacks of MEV bots. They caused a loss of more than $25 million. Due to the vulnerability of the crypto wallet, Bitrue lost about $ 22 million. The GDAC platform was also hacked. The amount of the loss was about $13 million.

According to experts, the loss from exploits in April reached more than $ 74 million.

About $20 million was lost due to the operation of flash loans. A large amount of them amounted to losses on the decentralized Yearn Finance algorithm. To do this, the hacker uses an outdated smart contract.

Exit scams in total resulted in the loss of more than $9 million. The largest incident was the Merlin DEX event. They had problems with the control of closed crypto keys, about $ 2.69 million was lost. Hacking happened during the Certik audit. Specialists together with the crypto exchange have developed measures to compensate victims.

According to De.Fi Rekt for prel there were about 50 such incidents. They are mainly related to meme coins. The latter case is related to the Ovix protocol running on the Landfill. As a result, about $2 million was lost due to the flash loan.

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