A prototype of a chip for cryptocurrency mining has been developed

A prototype of an ASIC chip for Bitcoin mining, which has an open source code, has been developed. The Block company was engaged in the development. This was announced by the company's representative Thomas Templeton.

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According to a company representative, thanks to this development, it is possible to reduce the centralization of cryptocurrency mining and the required devices. This will optimize innovative technologies and scale the ecosystem of mining digital assets.

The message states that in most cases, ASIC chips are manufactured using 5-nm technology. It was on this nuance that the initial efforts were focused.

During the development, the company purchased ASIC chips from the manufacturer Intel. In April, it was announced that the sale of the Blockscle device series was being discontinued. Thanks to the last few months, solutions have been developed that allow experimenting with new elements. They will make it possible to create more productive equipment at a lower price.

Two years ago, the former head of Twitter put forward a proposal to create a unique ecosystem for mining cryptocurrencies that would have open source code. In March, the company published vacancies to search for developers specializing in Bitcoin mining.

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