PEPE took off, making its investors millionaires

The PEPE cryptocurrency has appeared quite recently. Now it ranks 85th in the capitalization rating. Thanks to this, the holders of the meme token were able to earn a huge profit.

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On Twitter, Defi_Mochi published crypto wallets and tools that allow you to track the dynamics. This will enable other crypto investors to track the new pump in time.

During the analysis of sales volumes on crypto exchanges, the analyst did not see something particularly interesting. However, I noticed two significant spikes that had low volatility. It happened on April 27-28. He decided that this was a sign of the accumulation of coins by whales – major market players. The specialist also found two crypto addresses related to them.

On the first wallet, the cryptocurrency was purchased for more than $ 215 thousand. The value of the token at that time reached $ 0.00000024. On average, the purchase was at the rate of $ 0.000000259. In just a couple of weeks, the owner of the crypto address earned about $ 1.49 million.

At the second crypto wallet, PEPE coin was purchased for the amount of $ 223 thousand. The price averaged $ 0.000000235. during the same period, the owner earned almost $ 938 thousand. The profit on the pump of the token amounted to about 120 thousand dollars.

User defi_motchi recommends others to track coins using a dashboard.

Interestingly, Arkham specialists were able to notice a dimethyltryptamine.eth user had a profit of more than $ 2 million less than a week when conducting operations with a meme token.

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