"Old whales" do not affect the Bitcoin exchange rate

Analysts have come to the conclusion that the "old whales" no longer have an impact on the price of bitcoin, as it was before. This was announced by Glassnode on Twitter.

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The Bitcoin rally was suspended due to orders for trading "new investors" at a rate of about 30 thousand dollars. Glassnode experts indicated that the increase in volatility was due to:

1. Rumors about the sale of Mt.Gox customers.

2. Problems with the US government.

3. "Ancient" 3200 BTC.

Experts also last week noticed the movement of 2.1 thousand bitcoins, which are about 7-10 years old. After filtering, the analysts excluded the possibility of internal transactions. Comparing these events with the past, they came to the conclusion that the impact on the value of bitcoin this time was insignificant.

They also noted that this conclusion also applies to the 1,100 bitcoins that have been in crypto wallets since 2013. In total, the old coins, which are more than 7 years old, amount to more than 4.2 million coins. Of these, about 350 thousand bitcoins were once spent. This is 8.3% of the total size. About 3.9 million coins may be "dormant" due to the fact that the owners have lost access to their crypto wallets.

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