In the US, they want to introduce a tax on the extraction of cryptocurrencies

The administration of the current US president proposed to introduce a tax levy of 30% to the federal budget. They want to install it for the use of electricity when mining digital assets. This was reported by Yahoo.

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The administration justified its initiative by the fact that with high electricity consumption, the equipment causes significant damage to the environment. It also affects the quality of life of citizens and the electrical networks where these farms are located.

In a future publication, the administration will give more detailed arguments in favor of the introduction of a tax fee. They noted that this will allow companies to take more seriously the harm they cause to the environment and citizens. To date, their spending does not take into account many harmful factors, such as:

· Environmental pollution

·     Increase in fuel cost

·     Greenhouse gas exposure

However, Tom Mapes, who is the director of energy policy, claims that the administration will attack the industry because it does not want to support it. He also claims that such actions are being done to limit the crypto industry.

According to the NYT publication, about 34 companies spend a volume of electricity comparable to 3 million households. Only 10 companies in Texas have led to the fact that prices have increased significantly.

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