The governor of the state of Florida announced the ban of CBDC on its territory

CBDCs are called digital currencies issued by national banks. Recently in the USA they started talking about their own release. However, in Florida, they sharply opposed it.

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Ron DeSantis said on Twitter that he would ban CBDC in the subordinate state. He explained this by the desire of the country's government to ban cryptocurrencies. Therefore, he will make a ban on digital currencies in Florida. The governor believes this will make sure that there is no financial supervision.

The governor also said that the US government does not like cryptocurrencies due to the fact that they are not able to control them. Additionally, Ron DeSantis signed a bill to combat the standards set by the United States in the field of environmental social management. The bill specifies a ban on investments in this area.

The governor also noted that he would fight these events. This will allow the region to maintain its independence in the financial sphere.

Note that the governor became famous for his support of cryptocurrencies. In March, he approved a law to introduce programs in general education institutions that increase financial literacy, including with regard to cryptocurrencies.

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