FTX received a bill for $ 103 million for the work of consultants and lawyers

The collapsed FTX hired lawyers and consultants for litigation. As a result, the companies billed more than $100 million for the first quarter. This is indicated in court documents.

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A number of companies have billed for the provision of services. So in January FTX had to pay more than $ 34 million, in February – over $ 32 million, and in March about $ 36 million. The largest payout was to the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell. The amount amounted to more than $44 million for the first quarter.

In second place in terms of payments was the consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal. In March alone, an invoice was issued in the amount of almost $14 million. According to the documents, they spent a huge amount of time on financial analysis and accounting.

It should be noted that in the summer, representatives of the exchange in court will provide a plan for the reorganization of the trading platform. It will indicate the possibilities of resuming work and measures for this.

According to the presentation provided in court, the total deficit of funds at the cryptocurrency exchange has reached almost $ 9 billion. This amount is needed to cover customer requirements. In bitcoins, this amount is 1.6 billion. at the current rate.

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