WSB Coin Collapse by 90%

The zjz.eth account moderated WallStreetBets cryptobots. For several hours, he was exchanging WSB Coin for Ethereum using the Uniswap pool. As a result, the asset collapsed.

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Ice Bagz was the first to draw attention to the problem. He sounded the alarm, which quickly stirred up the community. This is due to the fact that on-chain data did not allow for a different interpretation of actions.

The user ZachXBT estimated the sale of assets by the user in the amount of about $ 665 thousand (334 coins). He confirmed the concerns, pointing to the publication of the creator of the cryptocurrency last fall. It states that he represents the team as greedy and immoral.

In the future, PeckShield specialists discovered an exchange of crypto assets worth more than 8 thousand. ETH is the second crypto wallet. zjz.eth transferred over 46.5 million tokens to it.

ZachXBT made an additional tweet. In it, he indicated that there is an accomplice – OIP. He assisted in the authorization of the transaction, acting as the second signatory in the miltisig wallet.

The co-founder of the community decided to hold an emergency meeting using Twitter Spaces. It was attended by more than 8.5 WSB participants. However, they were unable to contact the former moderator to clarify the situation. On Twitter, the co-founder threatened that if he did not get in touch within 4 hours, they would contact the police and the FBI.

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