The L2 Hydra protocol has been launched

The IOG organization, which developed the Cardano crypto project, successfully launched the L2 Hydra protocol on the main network. This was announced by a representative of the company on Twitter.

Details about the protocol

The level II solution will allow scaling and adaptation of the key cryptographic network. This will make it possible to expand the application methods where operations with high speed and low fees are required.

Sebastian Nagel, who is one of the developers of the project, said that this protocol is the first that can help Cardano get closer to the set goal of processing operations.

The solution will make it possible to add some new functionality. These include minimum payments with insurance contracts. The project has been developed for more than 7 years. Hydra sharding technologists took over the base. It significantly increases the ability to scale L2.

The developer also drew attention to the fact that the introduction of shards is not considered as an update. Therefore, the hard fork will not be carried out. According to preliminary data, "hydra heads" are able to increase processing up to a thousand operations per second each. If 1 thousand pools are connected to the network, the network will be able to process about 1 million operations.

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