Stripe has started exchanging fiat into cryptocurrency

Using Onramp Stripe makes it easier for companies to access Web 3.0. It will also be easier for Americans to buy cryptocurrency. This was reported in the official Stripe account on Twitter.

Details about the new feature

Users and developers will be given a choice of two options for the operation of the service. In the first case, you can integrate the Stripe payment widget on the site, and in the second case, you are redirected to a separate page.

Onramp will optimize the exchange and authorization coefficients. This will increase the chances of successful operations. The service uses integrated tools that verify identity and help in the fight against fraud. This will enable companies to fully comply with the established KYC rules. This was announced in a press release.

The platform was helped to develop web 3.0 companies. They will integrate it into their own services. These include 1inch, Brave and others.

Recall that a year ago, Twitter added rewards to the USDC with the use of the Polygon blockchain. At the same time, the Stripe service was used. At the beginning of this year, the social network, together with the platform, began testing cryptocurrency donations.

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