$3.4 million will be distributed among the first users in the Azimetrix

The decentralized financial protocol has started to provide bonuses to early users. 10 million ASX tokens will be distributed on it. The amount is about $3.4 million. The process will take place until August. The news was published in the blog of the crypto project.

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The cryptoproject is a protocol developed for Ethereum staking, where asymmetric profit is used. Awards are distributed not according to the deposits made, but with a certain frequency for random winners.

At the same time, participants must transfer stETH coins into a smart contract. He accumulates accrued rewards from Lido Finance.

Every week, the crypto project will indicate 3 winners randomly. To do this, the Chainlink VRF is used. The accrual will be proportional to the occupied places: the first – 50%, the second – 30%, and the third - 20% of the accumulated amount of stETH.

The first users will be able to automatically receive ASX management coins during the day until the end of the bonus program. Their owners will be allowed to participate in changes in the protocol indicators.

Note that now the profit from the program is 30 thousand coins per day. This is about 136% per annum of the deposit made. The coin is sold on Uniswap at a cost of $ 0.34.

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