Deus Finance hacked for $6 million.

The DeFi algorithm has been hacked. To do this, the security problems of the algorithmic stable coin DEI were used. The amount of hacking amounted to about $ 6 million.

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Analysts at PeckShield conducted a study. According to its results, it was found out that on May fifth, a hacker used an exploit in the BSC and Arbitrum crypto networks.

The attacker used a cryptobot in BSC, which resulted in the loss of over $1.3 million. His next target was the Arrbitrum. During the launch of ARB/ETH, the hacker was able to withdraw over $5 million.

Representatives of the project confirmed the incident. They also published a post on Twitter that the work of smart contracts has been suspended. Additionally, DEI coins in the most important chains were burned. This will prevent the spread of damage.

Additionally, the team took screenshots of the balances up to the moment of destruction. This will allow you to develop a compensation plan when smart contracts restore work.

Note that as a result, the price of the token fell by more than 30%. It was $0.2, instead of $0.3. However, the cost has already started to recover. Bidding is conducted at $ 0.26 per coin.

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