OKX is expanding

The OKX cryptocurrency exchange, formerly OKEx, has decided to expand its geolocation. Recently it became known that she will open an office in Turkey. This was reported by representatives of the exchange.

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The statement was announced before the start of the conference "Blockchain Economy 2023". The President of the exchange, together with the directors of innovation and marketing, are going to present the plan for opening an office and the advantages of the Turkish jurisdiction directly at the event.

Jason Lau, who is the director of innovation, said that Turkey is a center of innovation and science in the field of blockchain technologies. It has an extensive user base with significant interest in the cryptocurrency industry. According to the expert, the presence of a crypto exchange in Turkey will not only allow a better understanding of the needs of customers, but will contribute to the growth of the industry.

President Fung stressed that the launch of an office in the country will allow moving from a system based on trust to a full-fledged business that allows customers to fully control their finances independently.

Note that in March, the exchange decided to obtain a trading license in Hong Kong. At the same time, experts said that they had been preparing for the opening for a year. At the same time, the exchange stopped accepting clients from Canada. However, such a decision, according to the representatives, is temporary until settlement with the relevant authorities.

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