Lido will soon repay stETH

Lido Finance is a platform with liquid staking. The team is going to launch version II of the protocol next week. However, before that, he will hold a 3-day vote. After that, stETH payments for Ethereum will be opened.

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About 270 thousand Ethereum coins will be available on the project. Thanks to this, the platform will be able to provide output. At the same time, long processing of requests will not be required due to the departure of validators from the crypto network.

According to the team's statements, the future update will be the largest in the history of the project. It will be a key step to achieve even greater decentralization of the cryptocurrency network.

Additionally, the developers are going to launch the so-called Staking Router. It is a modular architecture that allows users, including lone stake holders, to perform the role of a node operator.

Earlier, Glassnode specialists made a reminder to the team about the possibility of placing coins in the betting that were received as a result of the reward. It should be noted that almost $12.8 billion was blocked last month.

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